Monthly Archives: January 2016

Top 4 Reasons to use a Tenant Advisor

You have been in a space for a number of years.  You and your employees are happy with the location and could probably make the drive with your eyes closed.  You know your lease expiration is quickly approaching and you plan on extending the lease.  Although resigning the lease may seem like an easy decision;…
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The making of a true Light of Life Christmas

It’s 4 days before Christmas. I had a house full of people the entire weekend before – as a matter of fact, some of them are still at my house. I have more people coming the weekend of and the weekend after Christmas AND Christmas dinner is at my house this year. Honestly, the last…
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Land Acquisition Site Feasibility

Acquiring land seems relatively easy.  Many people believe that once you have identified the right location and get the site under contract you are ready to build.  The hard part has actually just begun.  First and foremost it is critical to have a reasonable due diligence period as well as rights to extend that period. …
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