Monthly Archives: February 2016

Top 3 Tech Firm Growth Issues

Tech companies continue to see a high rate of growth. Unfortunately most tech firms can't predict how quickly they will grow or how that growth will affect their current real estate. THE TOP 3 TECHNOLOGY FIRM GROWTH ISSUES: 1. BAND-AID - You have experienced growth so you have expanded then expanded then expanded. What you have now…
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How To Determine If You Have Too Much Space

Too Much Space? A space planning exercise can help determine if you are using your space efficiently. Does some of your staff that spends most of the time on the road have their own workstations? If they only spend a few days a month in the office, you may want to consider having them share…
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February Project Satchels of Caring

February Service Project A few of use went down to the Lawyers Building and helped assemble teen satchels, tagged satchels, organized buttons and stamped fabric buttons for an evening this week. The Satchels of Caring Foundation provides hand-sewn satchels filled with therapeutic items to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Most satchels are distributed through doctors offices and…
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