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Proud Partners

Proud Partners At Found Advisors, we like to think of ourselves as a team – small in number maybe, but a cohesive team that delivers exceptional service to each and every client. Being part of a team allows us to see different points of view, contribute to the best of our ability and skill set,…
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Building Classes Part I: The Origin Story

Building Classes Part I When looking for new locations, tenants may come across buildings touted as “Class A” or advertised as having “Class A finishes.” To an inexperienced buyer or renter, the meaning of this class distinction is a mystery. “Class A” sounds like a good grade; it’s better than a “Class D” or a…
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Options: Do They Benefit Tenants or Landlords?

Options: Do They Benefit Tenants or Landlords? Options are beneficial to either the Landlord or the Tenant. Landlords want to provide the Tenant with as few options as possible to securitize the lease as strongly as possible. Many Landlords use their rent roll to securitize a refinance or sale. If a tenant for instance, has…
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