10 things I wish I’d stop losing sight of…

10 things I wish I’d stop losing sight of…

Fairly often, in my personal blog, I make a list of things I’ve learned or want to remember so that I do not have to learn them again. I haven’t done the same in my work blog, but have recently been struck by how many times I make the same mistake twice. I tend to go through life full speed ahead, super focused on the task at hand, and forgetting the need to sit quietly and reflect on where I am, where I’ve been and where I want to be. The urgent takes over and the important takes a back seat. When I let that happen, I inevitably let things fall through the cracks.

In an attempt to re-group and get myself back on track, here’s my list of random things I’m quite sure I need to remember:

1. Lists only work if you look at them.

2. We have a mutual responsibility to help our co-workers succeed.

3. Cute and funny make conversation easier, but do not necessarily garner respect.

4. Knowing what you’re talking about garners respect, but knowing what you’re doing works even better.

5. Communication – via email, text or in person – does not have to be impersonal.

6. Relationships are more important than anything else going on in the day.

7. Fast doesn’t mean right, and right is always better…well, usually better, anyway.

8. Focus takes time, commitment, energy and a clear direction.

9. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean work is getting done.

10. It is completely possible to be direct and concise, even forceful, and still be kind.

As I look it over, it occurs to me that most of this list is not really work specific. Most of this list is general life advise that I should’ve made habit somewhere during my 50+ years on this earth.

Still, I know I’ll need this reminder again in a few months (or even days). It helps to see things in writing – simple, clear statements that make the workplace a better place. And if I happen to see you in the grocery store and I seem distracted, please feel free to remind me (kindly) that I’ve already lost track of the reminders on my list!

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