All Aboard!

All Aboard!

New employees…they bring energy, new ideas and complications. How will they assimilate? How will they add to the bottom line? How quickly will they add value to your organization? How soon will you know what they’ve bought in to your organization’s vision, culture and values? Will they get along with other employees? Will they pull their weight?

As a manager, it’s hard to admit, but the answers to most of these questions lie at my feet. Human Capital is one of the largest expenses a company faces. It’s also the key to organizational growth and success. How we plan and prepare for new employees is key to our very own success, but we often let it fall by the wayside. In the process, we lose valuable employees and wonder why our turnover rate is skyrocketing and employee engagement is plummeting .

Taking the time to develop and onboarding program gets in the way of our “real job”, but if it is done effectively and includes the right elements, will result in more engaged employees. There are a variety of methods to deliver onboarding programs. Organizations can use technology, mentoring, classroom setting or a combination of methods. Whatever they choose should reflect the corporate culture and include the following:

  • New hire paperwork, including legal and policy documents
  • Organization profile, including mission/vision/values, culture, organizational chart, employee directory, tour of the facility
  • Work group introductions, including meeting with supervisors and coworkers, office etiquette, and process operations (how do I get project approval?)

If you’re taking the time to read this, you must be wondering why someone who works for a Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation firm would care about your organization’s onboarding process. Simply put, space matters. It has an impact on your culture, the way you communicate your mission and values, how quickly new employees learn the ropes, how employees communicate with one another. If they feel isolated they will not be engaged. If your space is throwing up road blocks, it’s time to re-evaluate. The solution may be as simple as re-organizing work stations or it may mean finding new space. Either way, Found Advisors is here to help.

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