How values drive a company

How values can drive a company

I recently stumbled upon an interview that featured two partners who started a niche business together. They had a background with a larger company and were frustrated that the focus was a race to the lowest price. When they struck out on their own, they were guided by the values of quality and transparency. They focused on providing the best quality products and did some key things to help them be successful despite higher prices.

They also became completely transparent in showing their customers how and why their products were assembled with the best quality materials and processes.

They were only able to do this because their materials and processes were the best. They were not concerned about giving away their trade secrets and had nothing to hide. They knew other companies would attempt to take shortcuts in order to offer lower prices, but by educating their customers, the customers understood the differences in quality and why it was important to choose the superior product.

They started blogging and interacting with their customer base well in advance of their product launch.

These guys knew their industry, but they didn’t just crank out products that were based on what they wanted. By communicating with their customers, they were able to elicit feedback on what their customers perceived as the weaknesses in their industry. They still used the highest quality materials and processes and were able to adapt their prototypes to more closely match the needs of their customers.

Even though this company was in a completely unrelated industry, it made me reflect on some of the core values of Found Advisors and how they drive the way we do business.

Transparency - The company completely pulled back the curtain to show their process and why it was superior. We do the same. We let you see our process because it is simple and clear. We don’t represent landlords, so we have no conflict of interest to hide.

Service – Our clients don’t pay anything for our brokerage services, so we can’t differentiate ourselves on our price. Like their superior quality in products, we pride ourselves in providing superior service. Because we have no conflict of interest, our client’s needs always come first.

Innovation –Beyond finding space, our role has continued to expand to include advocating for our clients to secure the best deal, helping clients connect the loop between talent, culture and space, consulting services, human capital insights, and assembling teams as necessary to maximize the efficiency and positive impact of a company relocation. And just as their company solicited feedback from their clients, we make sure to listen to both industry trends and our clients in order to tailor specific solutions for their needs and continually refine and improve our services.

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