Must Have Solutions For 2017

Must Have Solutions For 2017

Okay, I don't believe in time management at all. We do have limited time and we do have to manage the time that we do have, but don't you find that something always comes up that is outside of your control therefore you can't manage it? For me, being efficient and organized is truly my secret. I have a few things that I do that help minimize distractions and keep my day to day time in check.

Email Rules - If you use Outlook and don't use Rules, stop what you are doing right now and start using this wonderful feature. We all get email that we want, but really don't want. These include the emails that you only want when YOU actually want them. For me, that is shopping, travel, property listings, recipes, etc. When I want to shop, I click on my shopping and coupons folder and all of my shopping emails are right there. I am never distracted by them when they arrive because they automatically go into that specific folder. Warning: that folder will get very large and I empty it about once a month. To set up a rule in Outlook, make sure you have the folder already set up that you want every email from that company to go too. Then, from that specific email, click on Rules>Create Rule>. From there you can make sure that emails from that sender go into a designated folder that you can create in the same left-hand bar under your inbox folder. I for instance have everything from North Face going right into the Shopping folder. Email rules save you time, because your inbox is much more focused and you are less distracted when that perfect hiking coat pops up in your inbox.

Waze - If you aren't using Waze, you are really missing out. Waze is the must-have smartphone app on my home screen. It is not just a GPS.  Not only does it tell you where to go and directs you how to get there, but it warns you of police, obstacles on the road and traffic. Waze is crowd sourced, so the information is real-time. We find it very valuable when a few of us are traveling to business meetings from different locations. One of us sends the route (Send ETA) and we can see each other en route to the same location (real time). I have used this app around the country and it works great. I have also connected it to my calendar so it automatically updates my future drives based on my next appointment and notifies me when to leave if traffic is building up. For more information please enjoy Yes, Waze can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Wunderlist – This is my go-to list manager. Why is it different from all of the other list managers, you might ask? It allows you to share with others. My family and I share the grocery list (although lucky charms always magically appears) and our teams at the office share to-do lists for projects. It also has an extension available within Outlook, so when an email needs attention or a follow up, it is easily added to wunderlist on my phone and desktop with one simple click. It is a great list tool for home and work.

I am hoping at least one of my ideas will help just a little with making 2017 a little more efficient. Cheers!

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  1. Kim, I always look to you for the latest and greatest in technology. always great leading edge stuff. I do use (and love) waze and do have some rules set up for outlook. I must check out wanderlist. Thanks

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