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In a real estate transaction our compensation is paid in the form of a commission. Virtually every lease or sale has built in commissions for the brokers involved in the transaction. This is very similar to a residential transaction. If the tenant is not represented by a broker, the landlord's listing agent will generally claim the entire commission for him/herself. If, however, the tenant is represented, the listing agent shares the commission with the tenant's broker. As a result, tenants should retain the services of a broker to represent their interests. In most cases, going without representation simply results in a larger commission for the landlord's agent.

We don't work for your Landlord or represent your building. We don't currently and will never represent any of the buildings you would consider occupying. The Landlord Broker is responsible for generating as much income for the Landlord as possible. Found Advisors is responsible for negotiating the most savings, concessions, and options for your business.

TalentSpace, Workplace Strategies and Consulting projects are typically paid for through a detailed consulting proposal and predetermined set fee. These fee's are generated per project and all services are agreed to in advance.

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