Connecting Talent, Culture & Space


Many companies deal with real estate only but can't evaluate the bigger picture which involves connecting people with space.  Typically real estate is your 2nd highest operating expense right below personnel. You could save thousands, if not millions by being proactive with your talent and space = TalentSpace.

We provide creative solutions to align megatrends that affect your talent, process, technology, culture and space by providing consulting services to businesses in Pittsburgh and around the globe. We customize our services for each and every project and deliver results our clients are wanting to achieve.

Some of our featured TalentSpace projects include:

Workplace strategy, realigning department initiatives, leadership gap restructuring, site selection & location planning, human capital strategy - labor and demographic analysis, market comparison analysis, consolidation, disposition and co-location strategy, training initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, economic incentives, standardization & process implementation & improvement, project management, change management, lease restructuring and lease administration.

For more information or how we can partner with you and your firm please use our Contact Us page or call/email any of our advisors today. We promise to respond within 24 hours.

Employee Engagement

18% of employees are disengaged at their workplace. If employees have control over their workplace and have the opportunity to choose where to work based on the task they are doing 88% are highly engaged. Are your employees engaged?

Highly Disengaged Workforce


Highly Engaged Workforce