How healthy decisions can lead to a healthy bottom line

Healthy choices make for healthy bottom lines

The largest expense that a business has is its people. The second largest is real estate. You could slash salaries or work in squalor to save on rent. Both are options to keep budgets in check. However, more favorable methods exist. Anything a company does to improve the healthy choices an employee makes, impacts productivity.

The Problem

A recent Pittsburgh Business Times article by Stephanie Sikora mentioned several studies. These studies show a correlation between wellness programs and employee productivity. Keeping your employees healthy keeps them productive!

For example, in a study by the American Journal of Health Promotion, wellness programs lead to a 25% reduction in both absenteeism and health costs. Moreover, other studies cited a 16% productivity jump in companies that adopt green practices. In addition, they mentioned a 10% jump in productivity with improved indoor air quality.

Poor ventilation and humidity were listed as factors that cause distraction among workers. Further, lighting and temperature were also included. Certainly, everyone knows that distractions decrease productivity. Who knew that ventilation and lighting could be so important?

The Solution

Increased ventilation and employee access to windows were listed as factors that create a healthy work environment. Ergonomic workstations and on-site fitness center access also help. Additionally, even adding potted plants can make a difference.

Green plants, green space, and green buildings all impact employee wellness. In other words, even small steps can dramatically improve productivity. In short, a healthy workplace is a productive workplace.

Are you getting ready to evaluate your facility? Are you running out of space? Do you have a tough time engaging employees?What is your employee retention rate? Remember to consider wellness when considering your space. Keep in mind, your second largest operating expense can impact your largest expense tremendously.

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