“And there’s never a fee unless…” the catchphrase

Never a fee unless…

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you can probably finish this catchphrase easily. It’s Attorney Edgar Snyder and his famous “and there’s never a fee unless we get money for you” catchphrase. Forget Joe Jamai-The King of Torts, Johnnie Cochran and his “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit,” and Gerry Spence who never lost a criminal case. If you would have asked a young version of me who was the most famous lawyer, I’d have said Edgar Snyder. The irony is that Edgar Snyder was just ahead of the game in local advertising . All three of these other lawyers are far more famous on a national level.

Edgar Snyder’s advertising did something besides make him a ton of money. His advertisements familiarized people with the general fee structure of a personal injury case. He wasn’t doing anything unique. He was just explaining how the fee works in personal injury cases. The attorneys get a percentage (up to 40% in Pennsylvania) of the amount awarded to the plaintiff. This really isn’t groundbreaking stuff. However it made people realize that they have nothing to lose in these types of cases. In addition, they associated Edgar Snyder’s name with this fee structure.

The same holds true for a tenant advisor. Our clients don’t pay us. So while we help you find properties and negotiate better deals that save you money, we don’t charge you for it. Instead of taking money that would be going to them, we take a portion of the commission that is already going to be paid from the landlord to his broker.

Think about it, we help save our clients money. Not only that, our fee is a portion of money that is already going to be paid to someone else. And that entire fee is paid regardless of our involvement. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Now if only I could think of a great catchphrase like Edgar Snyder.

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