Strategy – When You Need Us

Did you know that your space is your 2nd highest operating expense? Every business needs to be proactive. We monitor trends in the marketplace so that you can renew or relocate at the most optimum time. Our proven process positions you to make the most informed decision possible and enables you to compare your options on an apples to apples basis.

We also create competition for your tenancy in the marketplace. The lease renewal process should begin at least 12 months before your lease renewal option clause. If you desire to relocate, we suggest 12 to 24 months depending on the desired location. Many companies are not sure whether they want to renew or relocate and even some begin the process with a clear plan of renewing and end up relocating.  Through collaboration and understanding objectives, we not only seek to reduce rental rates but aggressively pursue free rent, more tenant options, and flexibility in deal points. As conflict free tenant advisors, we look at everything objectively.  You have a partner you can trust.