CRE and why it is that I do what I do

CRE and why I do what I do…

This past weekend, I took a brief break from commercial real estate (CRE). My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas to visit good friends. We haven’t had the chance to get together for almost a year.  Due to job changes and their move to Houston, we simply haven’t had the time. We were having dinner at a lovely little local Italian restaurant. At one point during our meal, we got onto the subject of what I was up to at work.

Once I tell people that I work in commercial real estate, they usually have questions. Similarly, our friends were no different. They had quite a few questions about my job. Specifically, they wanted more information on tenant representation. What I came up with probably didn’t answer all their questions. However, I think they started to understand.

I have the privilege of meeting with clients to learn their long- and short- term goals. Commercial real estate is a business’ second highest expense. As a result, everything I do for a client affects their bottom line. Consequently, the better I am at my job, the better off they will be.

I meet with each client and develop a proactive plan to facilitate renewals, expansions, acquisitions and relocations. We look at existing leases and compare them with market rates. We explore what others businesses are paying for similar space. Next, we develop standards and procedures to make the process as easy as possible. Finally, we do it without conflict of interest.

I work on their behalf only and always. I NEVER represent a landlord. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with working for a landlord. However, working for both a tenant and a landlord can lead to a conflict of interest. And that is one thing I never have to worry about. I am a passionate advocate for our clients and I love my job.

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