April project with Hosanna Industries

April Service Project

Our company recently paired with Hosanna Industries to gather 53 sets of new twin sheets for their volunteer dormitory. We’re now over halfway to our collection goal, and last Thursday our office traveled to Slippery Rock for some hands-on participation in the cause we’re helping.

The day had finally come for a homeowner who had been on Hosanna’s waiting list for a new roof. Some serious rain was on the way though, and Hosanna and their volunteers had only a few hours to get everything cut, placed, and nailed in before we were washed out. Found Advisors teamed up with other volunteers from Lochner and some of Hosanna’s experienced crew members to get the job done.

I grew up in a home where DIY projects are commonplace and handling tools should come second nature, but I had never worked on a roof before or seen any of the materials that bring it together up close. Most of the people in our volunteer groups were in similar boats, but we were all up to the challenge. Without any previous training or experience, we each learned a new skill and took over a station on the ground or up top. On the roof there were people carrying cords and supplies, placing strips, or nailing them in. Down below we organized prep and clean-up crews. Being on the short side and not too fond of heights above my own eye level, I was on the ground cutting starter strips and caps to pass up the ladder. Everyone found their niches—tall, short, strong, and agile—and somehow like clockwork we were able to have everything installed and cleaned up in less than 4 hours.

It’s amazing what a team of strangers can do when they have a common goal and a common mindset. By the time the rain came and we finished packing up the trucks, we were all laughing and eating lunch together like good friends, looking at the amazing thing we had accomplished and the happy faces of the people we helped. Found Advisors encourages acts of selfless service as a part of our core values. I think this was a great way to have experienced service as a team, and I’m excited to see what we’ll do next.

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